by Steve Clark

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The 8th studio album release. It's colourful.


released September 20, 2014

All music composed, arranged and performed by Steve Clark, except saxophone on 'Hats Off Turbans On' by Rob Harvey.



all rights reserved


Steve Clark Australia

Steve Clark is a versatile artist whose talents encompass music, art and theatre. His musical styles include Rock, Progressive and Instrumental,with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and story telling.
Steve has released over 8 albums and 70 film clips. His latest album ‘To Market' once again showcases his talents as a lyricist and songwriter.
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Track Name: My Angel
My Angel

Wake up, wake up
Make your way to the window
And draw the curtain aside
There's a sign in the sky
An angel from heaven
With golden wings and a mystical smile
I know you won't believe me
She took me by the hand
Then she kissed my eyes

And no one can see my angel
See her standing by my side
Her face shines in ancient splendour
A thousand colours in her eyes
My angel is always here
And from a distance she watches over me

Now all of the good premonitions I’m having
Have opened my heartMy happiness increases day into nightAn angel has blessed me
With heavenly light

There’s no more darkness in my years
Every storm and rain cloud has disappeared
Maybe I’m dreaming
But I’ll keep on believing

Now a new life’s beginning
My angel is singing
I’m on my way
And everything’s changing
My future looks bright
For an angel has blessed me
With heavenly light

Track Name: Starbrook's Alien Encounter
Starbrook’s Alien Encounter -

Hey man I have a story to tell
Driving home late one night
Stars above shining bright

Disco on my car radio
Lady Bump, Get Up and Boogie
Fly Robin Fly...

Something moving fast
Like nothing that I’ve ever seen
Changing colours purple, orange, red and green
No fear, Starbrook’s here!

A cone of shiny light descends
Inside a figure humanoid
“Hello Spaceboy...Starman is here!”

Ziggy look-a-like but I have been misled
Internet construct from data in my head
Starbrook and alien

“Don’t be afraid
I’m only here to say, you’ve only got five years
Then your world will break like shattered glass!”

I can’t believe this is the end
Can you help us find another way?

“It’s up to your race my hippy friend
For a new beginning there has to be an end”

Time for him to leave
As he smiled a knowing smile
Starbrook wonders if we’ll ever meet again
His final parting words remain inside my heart
“Look for answers in the outer spaces
Play your part Starbrook!”

Track Name: The Cosmic Kaleidoscope
The Cosmic Kaleidoscope

One winter’s day when the sky was grey
Beside the hearth the old men laugh
Sharing stories of times gone by
Old friends of mine
Before it’s time
For you to leave me
A final tale I tell to you
Of a sad, young King
And a cosmic kaleidoscope...

It arrived in a magical box
With sequins and gems that shined
And everyone gathered ‘round
As the faces smiled
Every man and child
It was left by a strange old man
Who appeared then just disappeared
“Never mind” said the King
As he tugged at the ring
That lifted the lid
Revealing the kaleidoscope

The King lifted the gift
With the surface of silver and gold
And the lens caught the light
What a marvellous sight
With colours so splendid and bold
Then one by one
In the warmth of the sun
They raised the scope to the sky
While turning the end
With the colours of gems in their eyes

And some were happy with what they saw
Others turned away and they smiled no more
As the future to each was shown
Behind the crystals and stones

The King saw the truth and the danger within
And took the device away
In his room that night
He saw his plight
The greed and war
The eventual fall of his kingdom

He left that same night
The box in a bag concealed out of sight
Some said he went mad
From the things he’d seen
The instrument now but a dream...

And this ends my tale
Of the long ago King
Yet here is the box
Which contained the strange thing
Empty I know
But all that I have left to show

You always save the best to last
And the final touch with the box was grand
So they left him alone
And returned to their homes
As the snow came down

The old man took the box
To a secret place
Hid beneath the rooms upstairs
And he placed it on a chair by a wondrous thing
The machine he’d built
To master time
From the things he’d seen
In the cosmic kaleidoscope...

Track Name: Colourful
Colourful -

I’m sitting on a broken chair
Looking out to anywhere
With all the pretty, silly girls who can’t see me
And a group of Higher Lords
Are playing harpsichords
While Raymond serves the iced-tea rather badly
With sugar bark and salt sea
And I’m forced to wonder why, why, why
I have to stay here ...

But it doesn’t matter anyway
I’m only here to ‘til Saturday
May as well take a peek next door
Where the King is counting stars
With asteroids in jars
Hope he finds the time to walk his old gold fish
With arthritic gout stitch
But when I look behind the sun
It’s always very colourful ...

And I’m beginning to wonder
If it’s time for a change

So tell the maid I’m going for a little stroll around the garden
I’ll play some hopscotch
Then I’ll check my stopwatch
No’s top notch!!!

Perhaps I’ll stay out here
I’d rather hide than be stuck inside
With those boring, boring Lords
Let me go, let me go, let me go ...

Mexico sounds nice
Especially at this time of the equinox
I’ll pack a bag right now!

Flight 265 flying direct to Mexico City
Boarding Gate 26A now!

Captain Bigglesworth Smythe speaking
Fasten your seat belts!

And when I’m flying above the clouds
I won’t look down
I won’t look down ...

Would you like some refreshments sir
Only twenty dollars a glass of our finest wine
Maybe a pretzel and a few peanuts on the side?

And a little time away
Should put to rest my phobic fears
Of chandeliers
Yet in my sweaty hand
I hold a tiny plane
And I thought I saw myself inside
Looking out at me
While sipping Raymond’s tea
From a plastic cup
And it makes me think of home
And George the unicorn
Standing in the rain all alone

So call me up an albatross
And I’ll be on my way
Moving at the speed of thought
That’s the game I play
Everything I’ve known kept safe in my mind
Just tune into pineal
And see my life so colourful

And the coloured suns are now made one ...

Now I’m back upon this broken chair
Looking out to anywhere
And all my friends are here
To lift the atmosphere
As Raymond leaps from diving board
And breaks another harpsichord
Silly boy...
Track Name: After the Torments
After the Torments

Mary-Sue ...
Is it true the things I hear
You’ve shut yourself away
Your so called friends don’t come to play
And everything that you possessed
Brought to nothing by this test
Now empty mirror frames line the walls

Do you remember
When you were just a little girl
And you played and sang
And didn’t care
About your looks and long dark hair

Is there a reason for these things
A hidden sign, a reckoning
Is something calling from within?

Richard Moe ...
The days are moving very slow
When you’re cleaning window panes
Every hour seems the same
The instruments with strings of rust
Line the walls collecting dust
As you sit with burnt out cigarette in shaking hand

Do you remember
When you were just a little boy
Playing your guitar for love alone
No thought of fame or being a star

Is there a reason for these things
A hidden sign, a reckoning
Is something calling from within?

How quickly life can change
Remember George Stacker
What’s yours today can be taken away

Is there a reason for these things
A hidden sign, a reckoning
Something calling from within...

Track Name: Harold's Coming Out
Harold’s Coming Out ~

Harold lived his life
In a kind of dream
He liked to be alone
He had no friends it seemed
Harold collects phones
He keeps garden gnomes
And rarely leaves his home

Every afternoon before he boiled an egg
He’d have a cup of tea
Then open up his head

Harold runs wires from mobile phones
Inserting each end to cerebral cortex tissue
In his brain...

Have you seen the lights from Harold’s house
It’s very strange and something should be done!

No talking face to face
But Harold’s found a way to watch and listen
To the entire human race
For one hour each night of the week
It’s Harold’s running private peep show

Every website and TV show
Image bank, file and song download
Podcast, forum, film complete
Email, chat room, text and tweet
Electro fibre, glass and copper combination
Straight to Harold’s head

It was all just one way in
Now it’s time to come out Harold
With quantum wave and light photon
Everyone will hear your song...

And the gnomes in the garden
Begin to shine
As the next door neighbours
All shout and curse in time

And here comes Harold
Floating down the garden path
His shiny shoes suspended high above the ground

His eyes are closed no longer needed
His inner eye has opened
A billion gigabytes are flowing
‘Round and round
In sight and sound

There must be more
Hello Hubble and Karl Jansky Array
Is this like God
All Seeing, All Hearing, All Wise
How much can one mind take inside
Before it starts to change
I can almost touch the All Knowing...

Then someone threw a stone
And broke the transmission
And Harold fell to ground and lay so still
And then he disappeared in a blaze of sparkling light
As a shooting star passed by the silver moon
Then everyone went home to bed
To dream of simple things
Until the early hours of morn and then...
Every phone across the world began to ring