by Steve Clark

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First album released by Steve Clark in 2010. A number of the songs relate to the theme of 'flight.'


released September 9, 2010

All songs composed and arranged by Steve Clark.



all rights reserved


Steve Clark Australia

Steve Clark is a versatile artist whose talents encompass music, art and theatre. His musical styles include Rock, Progressive and Instrumental,with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and story telling.
Steve has released over 8 albums and 70 film clips. His latest album ‘To Market' once again showcases his talents as a lyricist and songwriter.
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Track Name: This Island Earth
This Island Earth -

Old world turning 'round
Bleeding inside as we tear up your ground
We all want a piece
And we're taking the things we have found
I know it's agreed
The need to survive
But there's too much going on
There's too much going wrong
On this island earth ......

Old ways move aside
They're out-dated and tried
We're leaving the past
'Cause we know it won't last
Let's move on
We can read the signs
The world declines
We have to change
This island earth ......

And I know with change
There's always fear
Yet until you tread the mystic path
You're inner eye won't see
Events foretold by Prophets past
The earth is one country ......

New world turning 'round
Coming together as wisdom is found
Old world been and gone
We're moving on
And we're all one
On this island earth

sclarkmusic9 © 2010
Track Name: Mother's Sons 500
Mother’s Sons 500 -

Counting the pilots
In their pressed grey jackets
They stand
Feet on ground
But heads in the clouds above
They’re mother’s sons 500
Fed on the milk of kindness

Fragile wings
And threaded strings like a kite
Sky chaser, death defying
Dance for life
And it’s almost graceful
Except when the hammer’s down
And fire spits

Mother’s sons
Flying on by
Heaven bound
In another time
Your bravery remembered

She said that she’d always
Take care of him
She said that she’d always
Be by his side
She said that she’d always
Remember him
Then he said that he must leave
And fight for the Fatherland

Over the channel he flies now
‘Till foreign land
Meets with the sea
The air is chill on hands and face
The sky’s a painted scene
But soon the canvas will be scratched and torn
By air-born soldiers
Barely seventeen

Mother’s sons
Flying on by
Heaven bound
In another time
Your bravery remembered

She said that she’d always
Take care of him
She said that she’d always
Be by his side
She said that she’d always
Remember him
But he never will return

sclarkmusic9 © 2010
Track Name: The Night Flight
The Night Flight -

I took a night flight
On a light plane
Made a wrong turn
May never see home again

Altitude ten thousand feet
Conditions fine ahead
The skies were clear
Stars were bright
When I took this night flight

Something strange out to the right
Moving, spreading out
The compass spins
The dials alight
Another world is forming in my eye
In my eye ........

Night becomes day
Space inside out
I feel like Dave Bowman
Might meet Major Tom

There's something moving in my soul
Taking all my fears
Leading me to higher worlds
Where my sight is now becoming clear

I took a night flight
On a light plane
Made a wrong turn
Never see home again

sclarkmusic9 © 2010
Track Name: Borderlines
Borderlines -

Sail on across the crystal sea
I'm looking for another place I'd rather be
Light fades as the sun sets
In colours that covered the day
The main sail catches starlight
From patterns that dance
On the north sea, south sea, east sea, west sea
Then away.........

Man on land
A grain of sand
Lost in time
Condemned from birth
On a scarred earth of borderlines
One day he may see
That the fighting is in vain
For the oceans they run deep
And the circle 'round
The north lands, south lands, east lands, west lands
They are the same lands.......

So I asked Poseidon for a sign
And he turned and spoke to me
He said, "Set a course for the earth's blue rim
And fear not
Across the Tempest to the Lightkeeper's Gates
Fly off the edge and leave this place
And looking back you'll see
A tiny speck in an endless sea
And it's borderline free
Borderline free........"

So I took my tiny boat to sea
And followed the old man's signs
For many days and nights I sailed
In liquid space
I have to have my fears

The ocean rises
The tempest nears
Descending into the darkness

A strange calm on a green icy sky
Am I near the edge
Or lost here to die
Waiting for a sign
Something far below
Coming near

Open my eyes
Is that a small light I see
Old man has delivered me
And now it's time to fly

So long my little lonely star
How long will borderlines scar
Your north lands, south lands, east lands, west lands
How long
How long .......

Track Name: Letter from Centaurus A
Letter from Centaurus A -

To my Dear Aunty May
Hope this letter finds you some day
It didn’t need a stamp or return address
So I drew the airmail sticker anyway

And I know it’s been sometime
Sorry about the delay
But DHL and Comet will not call around
When you’re 10 million light years away

And it’s lonely out here
It takes time to make friends
And yet I’m learning their ways
So do not worry Aunty May
No do not worry Aunty May

And the morning sky fills with stardust
And there’s no fear of death or war
And I have no fear for earth’s future
Anymore ....

And so Aunty May
I’ve come to the end of the page
Hope I haven’t caused you too much sadness
But just remember when you’re looking up
I’m out there......somewhere
I’m out there......somewhere

Goodbye Aunty May
Goodbye Aunty May .....

sclarkmusic9 © 2010
Track Name: Commander Codfish
Commander Codfish -

Flying high in the clear blue sky
Commander Codfish
With a sparkle in your eye
I never thought you’d be my hero

Your feats of valour signify
The reasons for the deep respect
Your squadron has for you

And I wish I was back in your time
For just a day or two
In a Sopwith Camel F2-1
Wing to wing with you
Then we’d soar above the mighty clouds
And seek the enemy
Then return to base
For a cup of good old British tea ....

We’d walk around our faithful planes
And note the bullet holes
That missed the vital working parts
And spared our mortal souls
Then we’d talk about the days
Before the Great War came
When men were free
And didn’t have to die shot down in flames

So let’s drink a toast to the living
And count our blessings too
Wing Commander Codfish
I’m proud to stand by you
And for the record I must say
This has been my finest day
To chat and reminisce your times
And count your victories
Yet I’m a man of peace my friend
I see no sense in war
But to fight for King and country
Is a noble thing I’m sure
So now the time has come to part
I’ll take these memories
God bless you in these troubled times
Climb in your plane
Take to the skies
And shine

Track Name: The Note She Wrote
The Note She Wrote -

Young girl paints her lips
And wipes her tears away
No words could sort it out
She's leaving home today
So run on down the narrow path
Climb in the car and start to laugh
And the wind blows back her long dark hair
As the car speeds on towards the city
Of a million broken dreams.....

She thought she'd find her way
In the city where the night is day
But her dreams were almost spent
All the money gone in rent
As the ladies of the night must pay the price
Waiting for the break that never came....

Many days she'd spend in her room
Waiting for a call Hope it's coming soon
And many days she'd spend in her head
Pretending all was well
Pretending she's an actress on the silver screen
Things never seem to turn out right
In her room she'd cry and cry
Teenage dreams and innocence
All lost in the night
Lost in the night
She'll turn out the light

Is this how it ends
Outside the city keeps on moving on
Taking up a pen and wondering what to say
The note she wrote
Upon the page was short and sweet
It said 'Hello Mum and Dad
I'm coming home....'