To Market

by Steve Clark

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What can be said about this one? This little piggy went to....
Some serious tracks with a little humor thrown in as well. Stolen pigs, sheep stations and other swine trotting about. Oh yes...and there's a Christmas song as well.


released September 19, 2016

All compositions by Steve Clark.
All instrumentation by Steve Clark.



all rights reserved


Steve Clark Australia

Steve Clark is a versatile artist whose talents encompass music, art and theatre. His musical styles include Rock, Progressive and Instrumental,with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and story telling.
Steve has released over 8 albums and 70 film clips. His latest album ‘To Market' once again showcases his talents as a lyricist and songwriter.
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Track Name: To Market
To Market ~

Over the hills to the east there’s peace
Or so someone said
Many years ago
And is it true or just a legend
So many times I was told what to be
To stay in the lines
And never look outside the open door
And do not question

So long my friends I’m leaving today
To market, to market
Along the road I’ll go
Lonely standing sign showing me the way
Westward bound I sadly turn away
From the hills where secrets lie

Passing the sweet green fields
The lands I once knew are far behind
A memory now
They’re just a memory now
And the road stretches so far ahead
And what’s to come and where will I be tomorrow
Born to follow
Why should I dream of another life
Perhaps I’ll wait a little while
And think about this thought
And the hills

Run the race you’re made for or run away
I am lost yet I am free
Which way will the wind blow
It’s getting dark
Will I find my way

I can’t find my way home
I can’t find my way home

The light it has shown me
Away in the distance I see
Seven Valleys framed in gold
Mystic rivers to behold
And the hills, the hills are there
Silent standing
Calling me on towards the rising sun

So I run far across the land
Like I've never run before
To my freedom, freedom

Now the day is gone
The journey goes on
Track Name: Lighthouses
Lighthouses ~

There’s a house by the one next door
I walk past every day
With a yard overgrown by weeds
It stays the same throughout the year
Until the month when Christmas time draws near

There’s a man with a fat red face
On the roof looking down in fear
And there’s his wife dragging out reindeer
Here come the elves and wise men three
Ten miles of cable from roof to tree

Twinkle, twinkle little house
Shine your lights for all to see
There’s baby Jesus in rocking sleigh
If you were here what would you say?

Mother Mary halo bright
A thousand cars drive by each night
There eyes electric green and fluro white

They all turned into sheep
And made their own lighthouses from then on
A million stars across the town
Rename this street Los Vegas Boulevard

Twinkle, twinkle little house
Shine your lights for all to see
A very Merry Christmas from Ergon Energy

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas .....
Track Name: Sheep Station (51st State)
Sheep Station (51st State) ~

Here in the Western lands where the dogs and neighbours roam
I’ve been so lonely that I almost left my home
So before the sun goes down
I’ll change my view
Gonna join the queue at the Sheep Station
The Sheep Station
And everything will turn out just fine

Let’s all flock together
I follow you, you follow me.....

There’s a thousand neon lights showing the way
There’s a beam from a TV screen
Filling the holes in my brain

I feel safe when everyone is just the same as everyone else
The same as they feel
‘Cause everything they’ve got is just the same

Take the time to learn this sound and simple rule
If you take the time to follow me then I’ll follow you

You don’t want to think too much when you’re on the trail
You better get into line fast

As long as I have my ute and a pin-up girl with whips
Bar-b-que on weekends lots of beer and salty chips
Turn on the tele watch the footy with me mates
And wear me cap on backwards like some dude from the United States

Who says something’s wrong
With the mental state of our great nation
After all we belong on the same Sheep Station

Here in the Western lands where the dogs and neighbours roam
I always thought I was gonna be alone
But then I found the Sheep Station
And now I’m at home
All my friends are coming around to see me every day
I think I’m gonna cry
I’m on my own Sheep Station

sclarkmusic © 2016
Track Name: Signposts
Signposts ~

Old Farmer Piperson
How long can you run
With your squealing piggy friend
Tucked beneath your arm
There’s the sign to the Market Place
But the devil is on your tail

By the sign there’s a crow on a stone
With a jewel for its eye
Farmer Piperson passes by

Only half a mile to go
Beside the path wild flowers grow
Old river watermill
Your paddles rusted still
Upon the bridge you gaze below
With lips as dry as the fields

On the rocks there’s a fox in a leg trap
With a tear in its eye
Farmer Piperson hurries on by

In the busy Market Square
Sneaking around from here to there
Until a child spies the swine
And sticks a pin in its cheek behind
The farmer twists the culprit’s ear
The pig screams out “Now lookee here!”

There’s a man with police by two
“That’s the pig thief I’m telling you!”
Farmer Piperson is taken away
Chained in a cell by the end of the day
And the jewel in the west sinks low as a black crow cries

sclarkmusic © 2016
Track Name: Pig's Snout
Pig’s Snout ~

I’m not an animal
I learnt to play the game and hide myself
It’s easier to be a charlatan
And I know I’m one
But I am not an animal

The story of my life
Investment plans and other scams
They came like sheep
Laying money at my feet
A million overnight
Replay the game with another name
Then disappear from sight
Like a thief in the night

Live the lie
And lie to make a living
Take it today and not tomorrow
Read me no sermon
It’s their choice not mine
The old will not need much
I’ll rip them off too
All proceeds are going to a very good cause
Bacon for me
A pig and a poke for you

Money is a man’s best friend
Money is a man’s best friend

Need to buy a bigger house now
On a large estate where the rich and famous live
And I’ll fill it up with lots of things that look real good
And I’ll stay inside and sip my Chardonnay from 1965
But something’s still missing

Think I need a bigger car
One that looks down upon the smaller cars
With lots of things hanging off it
And a great big nudge bar

You have to see my latest scheme
A billion more for me
A toothless bill for you
Buy the firms and buy the companies
I want the status other players have
And I want it now

And though I feel the power of my successIt’s not enough to quench my thirst
I need an audience proclaiming my name
A thousand followers with starey, starry eyes
Plagiarise the holy books and formulate a creed
Arrange a public stigmata
Watch me as I bleed

Place the flowers at my holy feet
To set your spirit free
‘Cause everything is just a dream in your memory
Detatch yourself from all worldly things
And learn to trust in me
Donations for ’Save the Unicorn Fund’ are tax free

It’s time to move on once again
Life is not so peachy now I’ve found my Nietzsche
I’d rather be a singer in a Prog Rock band

I am the real thing
I’m ice on high
I am voice electric
I was the Deceiver
And then a True Believer
Now I could just be a Symbol
But that’s been done before

Turn up the amps
Illumine the stage in a hue of subtle magenta
I now reveal myself in a blaze of cosmic light and sampled noise

They can’t relate to me
The music is too strange
The lyrics and the melodies are beyond their grasp
They turn away
I will not play one more song for these simpletons
I’d rather stay at home and watch TV
Where I wear my disguise
And the truth is just another lie
Yes I’d rather stay at home and watch TV

There’s something else that I can do
Buy a TV Network or maybe two
I’ll crush the critics and their views
Look out! Here comes the real news

And here my self-made empire stands
They all lick the hand of the confidence man
I can be anything
I could be the next Prime Minister and double my pay
But I’ll rather watch and pull the strings
I’ll sit back and watch the puppets play

I want that deal closed by Friday
Slander that politition, he has to go
I don’t care, we don’t need rain forests
More trash on Clark
My prog was better than his anyway
And when is my new Ferrari arriving

I am a man of these times
I see what I need
I take what I want
But I am not an animal